Undocumented Workers in Ontario

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Gastaldo, D., Carrasco, C., & Magalhaes, L.  (2012).  Entangled in a web of exploitation and solidarity: Latin American undocumented workers in the Greater Toronto Area.  Retrieved from: http://www.migrationhealth.ca/undocumented-workers-ontario/summary-findings.

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Entangled in a Web of Exploitation and Solidarity is an e-book of research findings written for a general audience which takes a social determinants of health approach to explore the interconnectedness of undocumented workers’ experiences of work and health to political, socio-economic, local, and global trends. Drawing from the journeys of 20 Latin American undocumented workers performing a range of jobs in the Greater Toronto Area, the authors propose that the experiences of undocumented workers in Can­ada are embedded in a complex web of simultaneously op­pressive and supportive structures. Several international and national players are intertwined in this web which ultimately functions to create a flexible and cheap workforce for Canadian businesses and constrains workers’ physical, economic and personal mobility once in Canada, with severe consequences for their health. This central concept is explored in the e-book through four interrelated chapters and an interactive gallery of body-mapped stories. The e-book concludes with key messages to promote social dialogue that moves beyond moral arguments regarding “deserving and undeserving migrants” to engage with discussions about decent work and health for all.

Presentation of Research Findings at Toronto City Hall, June 2012

Definitions, Context and Relevance (Video 1 of 5)

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Working Conditions (Video 3 of 5)

Health Consequences of Undocumented Work (Video 4 of 5)

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